Medicare Plans

 Are Medicare Star Ratings Important When You Buy Health Insurance?

 Medicare Insurance:

 Understanding Social Security Disability and a benefits calculator


 Guide to Disability Claims, Insurance, and Benefits: 


 Ultimate Guide to Rehab & Medicare



 The following links are for aging and how to deal with the varieties of problems:

 A guide to bird music and how it can be useful for anxiety:
 Family Emergency & Unexpected Bills Resources: :

 Medical alert systems:;

 Medical alert system reviews:

 Summary of drug side effects, recalls, alerts, health info:

 Assistance for the disabled with mental health issues:


  The Boomerís Roadmap for Aging in Place: How to Prepare Today for your Senior Years:

  9 Ways to Prevent Falling at Home:

  A guide explaining the link between anxiety and addiction:

   Program costs, how to pay for care including insurance options:

  Information of medications and medical devices with serious complications:

  Source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities

  Information of medical and consumer safety issues:

 Business Ideas For People With Disabilities:

 Learn about what the meaning to age in place and how planning now, regardless of your age:

 Simplifying online shopping for people with disabilities:

 Consumer Safety Guide (equipment, food, supplements, etc.):

 Toilet Reviews:

 Reviews and Tips for Using Tools:

 Sewing Machine Buyer's Guide:

  Mattress and Bedding Guide for People with Disabilities:

 Bed Sheets Reviews:

 Stop Fraud

 How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

  An in-depth report on how to build the best diet for your heart's health.

  Alternative Medicine for Heart Disease

 Exercise is important, but injuries (especially when older and IBMPFD weakened) can be more serious than normal: Sports Injuries   

 Gardening for Beginners:

 Housing Tips and Advice from The National Aging in Place Council

 Fall Prevention: The Complete Guide to Home Modifications to Prevent Falls
 Selling a Home with Modifications for Older Adults
 Falls an Early Sign of Alzheimerís
 Fall Prevention & Mobility: Practical Safety and Organization Strategies for Seniors
 How to Talk about End of Life Planning with Your Family
 Preventing Falls for a Person with Dementia
 Senior Fall Prevention: A Roadmap for Navigating Resources and Benefits

 Preventing Falls at Home

  Fire Safety:

  Causes and Risk Factors For Falls In Older Adults at

 The Best And Worst Bathroom Flooring For Aging In Place Safely

 Sarcopenia: 10 Keys to Keep Your Muscle Mass Up as You Age

  Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging

 Retirement Insecurity during COVID

 Financial Assistance for Home Improvement for Older Adults

 Seniors and Financial Hardship

 Coronavirus Information for Older Adults


The Four Stages of Alcoholism: Pre, Early, Middle, and Late

Alcohol Rehab and Recovery

  Alcohol Treatment:

  Alcohol Addiction Treatment:

  Alcohol Effects, Addiction Treatment, and Resources:

 AddictionGroup article,

  Support Groups:

Alzheimerís (dementia), mental health, and their caregivers:

 This guide includes::

  • Tips for caregivers on how to manage mediations, including a medication list template

  • Medication management tools, such as pill dispensers, safe storage, and medication reminders

  • Dangerous drug interactions to be aware of

  • Common side effects and medication issues specific to dementia and Alzheimerís

  Dementia Care Dos and Don'ts: Dealing With Dementia Behavior Problems

 Dealing with dementia (Alzheimer's):   

 The Benefits of Cooking with Alzheimerís: A Caregiverís Guide:

 Dementia Care Dos and Don'ts: Dealing With Dementia Behavior Problems
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This guide would be a beneficial first step in maintaining a healthy mind:                                                                                                                                :

 These websites provide dozens of Spanish-language governmental (federal and for every state), educational and other external resources about mental health and where to find help.

 The following link is for a guide on remodeling for disabled access:

 A primer on home remodeling and retrofits for seniors and individuals with special needs:                                                                                        

 25 Tips To Make Home Safe For Seniors (Especially Those Living Independently)

 Home Modification Programs for Aging in Place Home Services  Aging in Place Home Loan Modification Programs

  The Fully Accessible Guide to Home Loans for People with Disabilities:

 Home Ownership for People With Disabilities:

 Home Modifications for seniors and/or disabled:

 Home Modifications for Seniors and People With Disabilities:

  Fire Safety Reference Guide:


  Manual wheelchair Reviews:

   Accessories for wheelchairs:

  Standing Power Wheelchair:

  Mobility Innovations who distributes the Autochair Smart Lifters and Milford Lifts-

 Ease Seating Systems (alternating pressure cushions)

 Star Cushions (Dry Flotation Seating)

 PaceSaver Power Chairs and Scooters

 Activeaid (custom bathing/toileting chairs and benches)

 Easystand  Standing Frames

 Home Security

 Home Security Providers:

 For Seniors

 NIH Senior Health

  Senior Guidance (senior living assistance):

 Senior Living Help:

 Health for Seniors

  22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging

 Information and Resources for Seniors:

 Moving: Moving Tips for Seniors and People With Disabilities

 Discounts for Seniors:

 A Seniorís Guide to Healthy Eating:

 Senior Emergency Preparedness:

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing:

 Common Online Scams Targeting Seniors Ė Tips To Protect You From Online Scams:

 Legal Resources for Seniors

 Veterans Benefits for Seniors

  Fraud Prevention Checklist for Seniors

  Keeping Seniors Safe with While Remodeling

  Disaster Preparedness for Seniors

 Advanced Care Planning

 Home Accommodations for Seniors

 Aging Veteran's Guide to Planning for the Future

 Tips for Seniors to Declutter and Organize their Home

 Seniors with substance abuse problems:

 Seniors suffering from addiction:

   The Senior's Guide To Staying Safe Online and On Social Media

  The Best And Worst Bathroom Flooring For Aging In Place Safely

 25 Tips To Make Home Safe For Seniors (Especially Those Living Independently)

 Sarcopenia: 10 Keys to Keep Your Muscle Mass Up as You Age

  Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging  includes a printable PDF version

 Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging

 A Senior's Guide to Using Computers and Software:  A Seniorís Guide to Using Computers and Software

  Economic Security for Seniors Facts

 Home Safety and Security for Aging-in-Place Seniors

 Fire Safety Resources for the Disabled and Seniors

 Health for Seniors   Older Adults & Anxiety   Ultimate Guide to Rehab & Medicare

 Senior-Friendly Home Remodeling

 14 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Isolation:

 Guide to Senior Safety at Home:

  Home Safety and Security for Aging-in-Place Seniors:

 Seniors & Drugs - NCADD  

  Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities:

 Rental Housing Rights for Disabled Tenants:

 The Internet Low Vision Society:

 Home Solutions to Cope with Sensory Processing Issues and Sensitivities:

 Environmental Illness Resources:

 Keeping Seniors and Special Needs Individuals Safe Around Construction:

 Senior Home Improvement Assistance:

  Guide for Finding Credible Medical Information and Advice:

 Financing senior care costs:

 Consumer Safety Guide:

 Scams Protection:

    Elder Care/Abuse and Assisted Living & Nursing Homes 

 Nursing Home Abuse Guide -

 Mental & Physical Wellness in a Nursing Home

 When to Move to Assisted Living:

 Assisted Living Homes: 

 Making the Move to Assisted Living

  National Center on Elder Abuse:

 Guide to Taking Legal Action for Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

 Facts about Elder Abuse and Nursing Homes  http:://  There is also information about bedsores, which can occur at home.

 Elder Financial Abuse Guide:

 Nursing Home Abuse Hotline:  http//

Elder Care Resources

 What is Elder Abuse and Elder Abuse Reporting?

  Cardio (heart) Issues

  Abstract VCP Cardio: Abstract  VCP   Cardio.pdf

  The 20 best heart disease calculators

  Heart Attack Quiz

   Exercise for Your Heart Health

 Sleep Issues

  Insomnia and other sleep disorders: Depression and Sleep Disorders   Anxietyís Effects On Sleep   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

  Sleep deprivation:

 Sleep and PTSD guide:

 Breaking the cycle between anxiety and sleep loss:

 Coping with Insomnia After Loss:

 The article covers the many anxiety disorders people are affected by and provides details on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for these conditions:

 Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sleep

 The Link Between Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

 How Mental Health Affects Sleep

 How to get Better Sleep (when recovering from addiction):

 In-Home Caregivers

 Eye Care

 Treating eye conditions:

 Vision Center:

 Color Blindness::

 Animals for Support

 Cats and Seniors

 Canine Caregivers for Alzheimerís and Dementia Patients

  Pets for the Elderly Foundation

 Visual, Hearing, and Speech Impairment Tools

 Smart Homes


  Effects of Medications on Oral Health:

  Effects of Drug Addiction on Oral Health:





 The Young Adultís Guide to Managing an Aging Parentís Money:

 Fraud/Scam Protection:

 Addiction Issues

  Support families looking for ways to encourage their mental health:

  North Jersey Recovery:

  Addiction and Recovery Blog:

  Tennessee Rehabilitation Center Resources:

  Intrepid Detox Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab:

  Addiction Intervention Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment:

 Chapel Hill Detox Ė Helps in addiction recovery and treatment. Our resource page has information related to addiction, alcohol, and cancer.

  UK Addiction help:

  Help with addiction guide:

   Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction:

  Addiction Rehabilitation for the Deaf/Blind:

  Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse:

  Drug Rehabilitation (UK):

  Data base on prescription and over-the-counter drug issues:

   Periodic Table of Substance Abuse Drugs 

  Substance Addiction Rehabilitation

  Costs of rehab & treatment:

  Prescription Medication Problems: 

  Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction:

  Addiction Rehabilitation for the Deaf/Blind:

  Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse:

 Quit Smoking

 I have been opposed to smoking since the late 1950's, so some people take my stance on anti-smoking less seriously. Nevertheless, the data is more than sufficient to demonstrate the harmful effects on smoking and second-hand smoke, especially for those of us with IBMPFD (the mutation effects also cause problems with breathing).

 The following websites provide some help for those who want to quit:

 Potential cost that could be caused by tobacco use:

 Freedom From Smokingģ Online, or FFS Online, is a program specifically designed for adults who want to quit smoking.

 Quit Smoking for Good ó The Best Quit Smoking Guide

 How to Quit Smoking

 How & Why to Quit Smoking:

 How to Quit Smoking - Ultimate Guide (scroll past ads):

 Concerns with Vaping:

 Ready to Quit Smoking:

 Possible Alternatives that Could Help

 Mesothelioma Treatment Community of is dedicated to the assistance and guidance of asbestos and mesothelioma victims around the world. We exist   to not only inspire hope during these unbearable times but to also provide palliative care and comprehensive information through our website, resources, and educational videos. By being the largest resource for mesothelioma treatment options and complementary therapies for cancer, we are designed to help guide patients and their loved ones toward the answers and support they need to improve their quality of life, prognosis, and life expectancy.

 CBD products may help with anxiety and other conditions: for additional information visit: