Some initial research as shown that some fatty acids may help, read this brief summary.

Proper nutrition is even more important than usual for those of us with IBMPFD. With weakened muscles, keeping extra weight off is even more important. A proper diet, i.e., correct amounts and ratios of protein, carbohydrates, etc. are thoroughly discussed in a number of locations, so will not be repeated here. While eating the correct foods in the proper balance is important, the main concern is how to reduce the total intake. My lunch size is ~ 1/10 (yes, one tenth) of the amount I used to eat 40 years ago. The most important step is to reduce the total quantity of food ingested, not only reducing or eliminating snacks, but significantly reducing the portions during each meal.

The MDA has prepared a document for meals and preparation/recipes of foods that help those with trouble swallowing (a common problem with IBMPFD). This document can also be downloaded from the MDA website. Other resources include: and  FYI, in the last 15 years, I have lost ~ 45 pounds by just monitoring and restricting my calorie intake. Most of that has been in the last 10 years, when ~ 90% of all calorie expenditures are from my brain, heart, and digestive system. I am still trying to lose another 40 pounds, e.g., go from 6' 3 1'2" 235 pounds in 2002 to 6'2" 145 pounds (same as when I went into the Navy 50+ years ago). My height has already dropped from age and confinement to the wheelchair.

I now have to take prescription medication for high blood pressure, caused by being confined to a power wheelchair. I also take a prescription medication for an enlarged and aggressive cancerous prostate (old age > 70 and sitting in a wheelchair). The prescription medications may interfere with some supplements or require taking of additional supplements. Do the research once prescription medications are required.

Supplements, e.g., minerals and vitamins, appeared to have helped me. Not only to degenerate more slowly than what is typical in my family, but also to have better general health, e.g., fewer colds. The following is a list of the supplements that I take and the reasons. Many were suggestions from a variety of health care professionals, although not necessarily AMA approved. Each person needs to verify for them self the efficacy of each supplement, both by taking to see if one improves and to stop taking to see if one feels worse.

Name                 Daily Dose     Each         Primary Reason       Secondary Reason          Notes                             ~Year Started/Stopped

Aspirin               4 ea             325 mg        arthritis                     heart                         enteric coated                         1975-2007

                          1 ea               81 mg                                                                                                                       2013

C                       1 ea             1000 mg      arthritis                     antioxidant                 counter effects of aspirin         1986-2012

D                       1 ea             2000 IU       bone, teeth              immune system           high potency D3                      2010

E                        1 ea             1000 IU      arthritis                     antioxidant                 counter effects of aspirin         1986

Centrum             1 ea                                 health                                                        generic multi-vitamin               1988

B-100                1 ea                                 health                                                        generic multi-B vitamins          1988

Coenzyme Q-10 2 ea             200 mg       IBMPFD                 antioxidant                                                                1997

Magnesium         1 ea             133 mg       IBMPFD                 nervous system                                                         1997

Calcium              1 ea             333 mg       IBMPFD                 bone                                                                         1997

Zinc                    1 ea             5 mg           health                                                         combo Ca/Mg/Zn                   1997

Ginkgo Biloba     1 ea             120 mg       mental alertness                                                                                        1999

MSM                 1 ea             1000 mg     arthritis                                                                                                     2000

Selenium             1 ea             20 mg         health                                                                                                       2000

Flax seed oil        4 ea             1200 mg    cardio-vascular         immune system                                                          2000

Lutein                 1 ea              20 mg        eyes                         antioxidant                                                                2000

L-carnitine          1 ea             500 mg       IBMPFD                                                    L-tartrate                               2003

Tumeric              1 ea              60 mg       mental alertness                                                                                         2007

Resveratrol         1 ea            100 mg       anti-oxidant                                                                                               2009

Colostrum           1 ea            650 mg      muscle health                                                                                             2010-2012

ProBiotic             1 ea                             digestive/elimination                                                                                   2010-2012

Potassium            1 ea             99 mg      loss from blood pressure medication                                                           2013

Quercetin            2 ea            250 mg     anti-oxidant Bioflavonoid (with 700 mg Vitamin C)                                      2012


I split items up between after lunch and after dinner. An example of how dosages change: the original recommendation for aspirin was 8/day; I later found that 6/day was effective; and after I started the MSM I only need 2 or 4/day. I adjusted the dosage based on amount of joint inflammation (pain) that was steady over a week or two. I had to stop taking the aspirin in 2007 due to internal bleeding.  Since I move less now the arthritis is not as bad, I have taken ibuprofen for a few days (up to a week) for reoccurring arthritis problems, to reduce the inflammation (no pain relief at all).  I take generic Tylenol for reoccurring pain, often 1 or 2 each 500 mg tablets at night to allow sleeping.

Some items are in the same pill, i.e., can get one pill that contains Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc; so do not have to swallow so many items at one time. The pills should be only taken with a meal or within an hour after a meal.  Some items I do not take at the frequency noted above when other problems occur, i.e., stop for a few days when tumeric causes bowel issues.

I do take prescription medications for blood pressure (high) and prostate issues (starting in 2012). So far, there appears to be no interaction with the supplements.