The following link is to the Gene Tests center associated with UC Irvine that can provide genetic testing for the known mutations in VCP gene.  The Patient Information paper provides specific information on how to obtain DNA testing for IBMPFD, as well as some information on symptoms, inheritance, and other aspects of this genetic disease.

Mitomed Diagnostic Laboratory

Information that may be useful from the Mitomed web site include:

IBMPFD Educational Brochures for Patients & Families, for Non-Genetics Health Care Professionals, and for Genetics Professionals. A description of the DNA Testing Service is linked (if you cannot access the Mitomed web site).

Other possible test sites include:

Gene Tests for VCP using Mitomed or Gene Tests

Gene Reviews for VCP

The article "The Genie's Out of the Bottle", in MDA Quest magazine Vol 15 no 6 (Fall 2008), is an excellent summary of many of the issues associated with genetic testing.

In Europe, Genetic Testing for IBMPFD is available at: (the website is in German, but Google translate works very effectively to convert to English, I do not know about other languages).